diggin on digsmed...

Designer Alert! So it seems like everyday Bryant and I find another mid century designer that we fall in love with. Mine today is Digsmed Denmark.

Teak is such a beautiful wood, and I would be completely fine if every piece of wood in the house was teak. haha Especially when you see peices like this:

This amazing Digsmed rotating spice rack is soo pretty.
[ps...if anyone wants to get this guy for me you can find it here on etsy. ;p]

Speaking of spice racks, I can't get enough of the Griffith's spice jars & racks. They are just so cute! And since I haven't been able to find a Digsmed rotating spice rack for a better price, one of these Griffith's spice racks might find its way into the kitchen. ;p Oh and i can't tell you how happy I am that we decided to have that 1960s green in the kitchen. Bring on the Jade and Jadite! :D




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  1. I looked it up and I absolutely love the rotating spice rack! It's such a creative use of space, and perfect depiction of that mid century flare.

    Very "Lucy"!