Today Bryant and I went to the house to finish cleaning the yard. Bryant mowed the lawn a couple days ago while I was at work, so on my day off we went to rake leaves. We ended up with 8 bags of leaves. Definitely not what I had expected, I mean I knew there were a lot of leaves, but not 8 bags. haha
I will say I learned quite a bit today...
1. Bryant is a much better raker than I am. I don't know why this surprised me, but it did. haha It seemed that what took me 10 minutes to do it took him a few seconds. I'm still not sure why. I would watch him do something and try to copy it [without him noticing] but it never seemed to work out for me. I'll just have to keep practicing. :D
2. It will be dangerous [in the best way] having a Home Depot so close to the house. On the way there we needed to get some bags to put the leaves in so we ran in Home Depot. And about 20 minutes later walked out with the bags we needed...and grass seed...and fertilizer...and a hand held spreader...and the guidance we needed to wipe the yard into shape.
3. I am really looking forward to yard work. I didn't think I would be, but I love it! I think its mainly the ownership aspect of it. Now that I own it and its mine, I want it to look good and I want to be able to say that I helped it look as great as it does will.
4. I want to move in now! It only a week away, but I can not wait! It would have been such a great feeling to finish raking the leaves then walk right inside and sit on the couch with a glass of sweet tea. I guess I'll just have to wait another week. *sigh*
5. The apartment smells like old. Yes...it smells like old. The past couple days of thrifting and bringing some treasures home has caused the apt to smell old. And not really a "good memory" kind of old, but a stale "we should have cleaned our finds before we brought them in" kind of smell. haha Oh well, better to stink up the apt than the house. ;p

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  1. 6. Bryant has been domesticated. a feat once thought to be impossible.

  2. It took chasing me all the way back from Colorado, but she did it.

  3. 8 bags is not too bad. One time I raked several hours and got 14 bags i think...it was good exercise! I think all and all we raked about 40-60 bags during the fall...which is nuts. I swear, if you have lots of big trees around your house..you'll end up hating raking. I know I hate it now. With passion! Haha!

  4. chad...he isn't quite there yet...but i'm working on him ;P

    bryant...i'm glad you came back :D

    hanna...well sounds like you're a pro...anytime you want to come show us how its done let me know...haha...