key to my heart...

Today while I was at work Bryant was a very busy boy. Obviously there are a lot of projects for the house, and something that I haven't mentioned yet is to get into the house there are a lot of keys you have to go through. Its kind of a pain. [And when I say "kind of" I really mean a huge pain.] Especially if the keys are new to you and you have no idea what key fits what lock. Not to mention that in order to lock or unlock all of the deadbolts from inside the house you have to use a key. Hello fire hazard! Well now we only need one key, just one, and you don't need a key to lock or unlock it from the inside!! I'm so excited! He also moved and unpacked a lot today and he keeps surprising me with little things like the locks, I love it!

Oh and I feel like I should mention that we won't have internet until Monday. So I'm trying to update the blog as much as I can, but having internet is pretty vital for posting. haha We also won't have gas until Monday either, which isn't that big of a deal since its been kinda warm out but I wish we had warm water and could use the dryer. But Monday will be here soon enough. :D


ps...Feel free to leave comments or even questions as you read!
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