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Hi there and welcome to my so mid century blog!

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Lucy [or lulu] and I am a photographer at Angela Anderson Photography. I get the majority of my inspiration for photography [or anything for that matter] from the past. And I am so excited to say that after months and months of looking at all different types of houses, I found my perfect home! Yep, that's right...I'm going to be a homeowner. It is the cutest cut-stone ranch built in 1960 with almost all original floors and tile work. I close on April 15th and can not wait! I plan to keep everything as period correct as I can. Soooo the purpose of this blog is to share the progression of the house with family and friends...and you of course. ;)

Isn't the house darling?!

I feel like I should explain the title of this blog. My oh-so-loving boyfriend, Bryant [who will be blogging as well], loves to make fun of me in the most loving way...obviously. As boyfriends tend to do. I guess I have the tendency to find a phrase and latch on it. While out thrifting one day I just happen to point out all these pieces that were "mid c
entury" pieces. Soon after Bryant started pointing out pieces that were "so mid century" to poke fun at me and my phrases. And it stuck. Now both of us say it as often as we can. So after talking about starting a blog about the house I thought it was only fitting that it was called "so mid century".

Hope you enjoy reading about my new home adventures!


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