getting down to brass tacks...

I thought myself to be quite clever when coming up with that title for two reasons. The first reason being: CLOSING IS TOMORROW! So we really are getting down to brass tacks because this is the main reason for starting this blog. I can not wait! We have been packing nonstop, [and when I say "we" I do mean Bryant. He has been amazing!] and I have been back to Mom and Dad's to pack stuff up and even Grandmother and Grandfather's to pick up some very cool pieces. [Photos to come. :D]

Secondly, this is a topic that is coming up quite frequently between Bryant and me. We are having an extremely difficult time trying to decide on one topic. BRASS vs. CHROME. Both of us prefer chrome over brass, but for the time period we are shopping for, brass was clearly more popular. We keep coming across some of the coolest pieces, however, they are just...so...brassy. Ugh. I have a feeling brass will win this epic battle and we will just have to develop a taste for it. I will say, in it's defense, having some brass tones does make a room feel warmer. Oh but I love how sleek chrome looks, and shiny. :p 


Which do you prefer? 
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  1. Chrome is my preference too.. But I see your point on keeping it in period.. Brass it is! Get out that brass polish!