we're here!

Just a quick post for the day, we got some big stuff moved! My mom and dad came up [with the help of a good man by the name Tom] and brought some furniture from home and from my grandmother and grandfather's. The big surprise was when they unloaded a washer and dryer! Thanks Mom and Dad!

We didn't get to bring much from the apartment' but it started raining anyway...and pretty much never stopped. We both have Sunday off so hopefully we can get everything out of the apartment then! Bryant's mom and stepdad, Beverly and Josh, got to come by too and see the house and dropped off some house warming surprises! I can't wait to get everything unpacked and start having people over to entertain.

Oh! We started going through some things in the attic...oh.my.gosh. We found some cool stuff! Once we get everything in order and unpacked we are gonna venture back up there to look a little more and with a little more light. Not to mention post some of our findings!


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