e is for eames...

Charles and Ray Eames really knew what they were doing when it came to making furniture. Their pieces were strong and timeless, not to mention absolutely beautiful. Although they contributed a lot to the furniture design world, there a few that stick out among the crowd. One of those is the Eames RAR [Rocker Armchair Rod] Rocker. I have read on multiple sites that the Eames' originally created this chair for an employee who just had a baby. It is the perfect rocker, and what nursery wouldn't look amazing with this inviting chair!
"Eventually, everything connects." -Charles Eames

I have been swooning over Eames chairs for awhile now and would love to have an original. I did pick up a look-a-like last year at Scout here in Lexington. [I know I blogged about them here as well, but it is one of my favorite stores!] I love my knock off Eames, but it does need a bit of a facelift. Once I get in the house she'll be getting a new set of [rocker] legs, good cleaning, maybe even a color change, and probably be a DIY post. Here is the chair I have now:
You can see the potential...right? The shape of my chair isn't quite as soft and rounded as the Eames chair. And the angles are a little harsh on mine, but I am 99% sure she will look completely different after I'm done with her and she is in her new home.

Oh and how cute is this print from etsy? Love it!

What's your favorite piece of furniture you would love to have?



  1. You already know my favorite, Hans Olsen dining set :)

  2. I've been searching far and wide for a late 1800's steel apothecary cabinet on queen anne style legs. I've found ONE in all of my junk buying trips but it wasn't for sale. talk about heartbreak. Hopefully, going to market later this month will bring luck. check out the link below for a pic


  3. Bryant...We will have one some day... :D

    Chad...Whe is a beaut! I can only imagine how heartbroken you were. I've definitely been there. And Bryant and I will definitely keep our eyes open for one while out thrifting!