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It is so great to have so many resources and so close! My aunt Susan, who also purchased a mid century ranch here in Lexington, has been sending me links with all kinds of information. I love it! She has also been a big help throughout the whole processes. When I first started looking at houses, one of my requirements was it had to be at least 50 years old. [Book 'em Danno, they're 5-0!] And since she is involved with the historic preservation in Lexington, if I ever had a question she was there with the answer or knew someone I should contact with the answer. She has been so helpful with giving me so much information and so many resources to aid during the house hunt and even after the closing. This link I found very interesting and it couldn't have come at a better time. The other day Bryant and I were trying to find out the difference between several styles of houses that were very similar in style, but we didn't even think about the different styles of ranch houses. I have loved all the researching and hunting, but it feels so good to have found the house. :D Thanks Aunt Susan!

If only I would have had one of these from the start. :P


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