house tour: the floor plan...

In order to show all you lovely folks the virtual tour of the house, it only made sense [to me anyway] to show you the floor plan first. If you are anything like me, then you don't have a very good sense of direction. When looking at the different rooms of houses on the internet, I always seem to get lost. I assume that hallway is connected to this bedroom and this kitchen is connected to that bathroom...and why a kitchen is connected to a bathroom like that would just confuse me. When in actuality it was the opposite way around, and the house layout made perfect sense. Those house photos always threw me off! Grrr! So for starters, I'll show you the floor plan, then post photos of the house. I don't want anyone getting lost in the new house. :P
The house tour will begin at the "you are here!" dot, but I'm sure you smart people would have figured that one out on your own. Oh...and I should probably mention that this in no way is proportionate to the actual house...I just whipped it up to have a basic floor plan to show you all.


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