movin on up...

Wow! What a weekend!
Friday: Closing date [with a few snags, but nothing major]. My parents brought a truck load of stuff from their house and Grandmother and Grandfather's with all sorts of goodies.
Saturday: I worked while Bryant pretty much moved all the boxed up stuff from the apartment to the house and arranged furniture. :D
Sunday: Bryant and I moved all the big stuff from the apartment to the house. [Someone should give Bryant an award...because I am not a good mover.] Then did yard work until the street lights came on.
Monday: Bryant worked while I got all the utilities in order [I count internet as a utility...is that weird? haha] and laundry and started to unpack, then we did yard work.

Both of us have some things we want to post, so there will be a lot of updates this week. That is as long as we have time! And just about everyone wants to see inside pictures of the house...well I'll be posting photos and a floor plan as well this week. Of course the photos will be of empty rooms. ;P

But I will leave you with photos from the move on Sunday for now...

Our Driver.
Bryant's "Please stop taking pictures" face.
Yeah. We are sooo healthy. ;P
Fragile...must be Italian.
Our ride.


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  1. I love it! (to include "fragile. It must be Italian"!) Thanks for keeping us all in the loop and GREAT JOB! on the big move. :)

    PS: did you at least poke holes in the box so the owls could breathe? ;)