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One of my first projects for the house is going to be the kitchen. I can't' tell you how excited I am that the oven and cooktop are original and still work...kinda. I say "kinda" because the previous owners of the house said that it didn't, but during the inspection the inspector said that it seemed to work! So I'll let you know how well it works when I move in and bake something. :P I'm pretty lucky though, the cabinets are in perfect condition and there are a lot. Well, at least a lot more than I am use to! So here is the kitchen now:

How cute is that oven?!

Sorry for the poor quality photos. They was taken with my phone and a very bright day.

And here is what I'm wanting to do with it:

This is my first mood board I have attempted to make. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it before to long. ;p

Redoing something the way you wanted it is a lot harder than I expected, and it hasn't even started yet. Even just getting the ideas on paper was tough! Especially for a girl like me who is extremely indecisive. Right now the floors are a [very ugly] linoleum tile. I have always loved black and white checkered flooring and its one of the first things that comes to mind when I think of a [so] mid century kitchen. But I was afraid of looking too gimmicky or something, although in my folder of inspiration kitchens almost all of them have the checkered floor and all look fabulous. haha Maybe when we pull up the linoleum there will be an awesome checkered floor. I would know it was meant to be at that point! [A girl can dream, can't she? haha]

We aren't going to do a whole lot to the kitchen, just some updates. The big things will be the floor and countertop, everything else will stay. The walls will get a fresh coat of robin egg blue paint, the cabinets will get stained a darker color and get new shiny hardware, and we will probably put a backsplash up in between the countertop and top cabinets. As far as appliances go, I would die over a Big Chill Fridge or a real [so] mid century fridge! A real house wife use to live here...no dishwasher. That's gonna change! haha I absolutely hate washing dishes. The Big Chill also has a super cute dishwasher or a dishwasher cover. [For those of you who already own a dishwasher but long for the retro look!]

Also, if anyone finds a light fixture like that let me know! I absolutely love it!


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