the pains of moving...

I really hate packing. Luckily, for me, Bryant has Saturday through Monday off. So while I'm working, he has been working hard [on his days off] packing, and doing a fabulous job. Every time I come home there are more and more boxes labeled and suitcases packed and ready to go. Now if Friday will only get here so we unpack all those boxes! I'm getting really antsy. 

While he packs...I take pictures. [I did help a little though]
People always give me a hard time about my collection of vintage suitcases I collect, but I love them, especially at moving time!

I got super excited the other day when Bryant said, "Hey, we could actually have a yard sale or even a garage sale." There is a lot of stuff that I don't really want to clutter up the new house with and I want to get rid of. I went down to Mom and Dad's last week [and yes Mom, I'm coming down on Wednesday too] to clean out my room and some other stuff they are going through, and the yard sale pile keeps growing. :D


What do you like least and most about moving?


  1. yeah....haha...bryant moved the stuff to the other side of the room... :-)