smells like team spirit...

The original owner's of the house left some pretty cool things. We haven't ventured back up to the attic yet, only because my allergies just will not allow it. But I hope to be back up there sometime this week. Today, while Bryant was working in the yard [like always], I was looking around the basement for finds. Jackpot! Found a few really cool felt pennants! 

I also texted Mom once I took a good look at them. One of them says "LHCS LIONS". I'm from Laurel County, and before there was North Laurel and South Laurel high school and middle school, it was just Laurel County. I was really hoping that Laurel County High School's mascot was a lion, but Mom said she never remembered it being a lion. *sigh*
If you know what county this belongs to write it in the comments!

Ummmm...How cool is the thermostat?! I love the big numbers. :D


ps...Have you ever made any thrifting finds in your home? Tell us!


  1. super cool finds.. i love how you're discovering little things from the original owners..

  2. PS: Lewis County High School is located in northeastern Kentucky, near the Ohio River. Their mascot is "the lions". Could possibly be them?

  3. ooohhh...i bet you're right! the mystery is solved ;p