just a-swingin...

So first off, thank you to all my family and friends who made my birthday so special! It was a great day! This is just a quick update, and I will post more on this later. And I have a lot of posts coming up about the house! Get excited! ;P

Me enjoying my new present from Bryant. :D



Who says you can't get anything for a buck any more?

Saturday I stopped by Re-Store after not having been there in several weeks. The last few trips I've came home empty handed. This was a different story though, after making it about half way down the first isle I saw this. A Herman Miller office chair. I wasn't too keen on the brown upholstery as I was walking up to it, but that immediately changed when I saw the price. $1. It actually had a bunch of $2 price tags on it along with the yellow $1 sale tag. Which I'm pretty sure means this has at least been there for a week. I guess it was just my lucky day, it even had a dime under the cushion which brought the total after tax to $0.96. It's no where near perfect shape, the rubber trim around the edges was off on one side. Lucy and I decided to go ahead and fix that tonight so I grabbed Lucy's hair dryer (to soften up the rubber) and hot glue gun. About ten minutes later the trim was back on.

Hope you guys like it!



small hands...smell like cabbage...

Last week there was a small carnival at the end of the street, so obviously Bryant and I decided to spend part of our Friday night "enjoying" the sights and smells. haha So here are a few photos from the fun night and oh so delicious funnel cake. Yum!

My favorite part of the night by far was while Bryant and I were standing in line to get a funnel cake, this little gem of a conversation happened.

Me: Do you need anything special to make funnel cakes?

Bryant: [In a very serious tone] Yes...carney hands.

Bwahahahahaha! I couldn't breathe, I was laughing so hard!



not lost in translation...

The Coppola family is no doubt an extremely talented family. I have always wanted to try Coppola wine and luckily we got a bottle of Sofia Riesling for a house warming gift from Bryant's family. Now normally I'm not a huge fan of Riesling, but this wine was delicious and we will definitely get it again!

 "When his daughter was a little girl, Francis Coppola made her a promise that he would someday make a sparkling wine and name it after her." [taken from the Coppola's website]



my heart goes pitter-pattern...

I'm in love...with a kitchen floor. Like I said before that I love the black and white checked floored, but was afraid it would look cheesy. I think I have found an alternative. :D

Look at this to die for plaid floor! I absolutely love it! Don't you?


ps...what do you think?



So this post has absolutely nothing to do with the house. Katie, my friend that my sister and I use to live with, just had a beautiful bouncing [literaly] baby boy...well not just had him, but I just got the pleasure of meeting him.

 Meet Max. Isn't he handsome?
 He has the biggest eyes that just make you melt.
 The tightest grip with the tiniest hands.
Max & Momma. :)



fancy a shag [rug]...

Bryant and I both seemed to gravitate towards finishing the living room first. It wasn't something we actually talked about, it just kind of...happened. I guess it was because the housewarming party was coming up and we knew that would be on of the main hot spots. So we had the layout for the furniture picked out and had everything in place, but something was missing. We needed a rug. In so many mid century homes [or homes trying to recreate the retro feel] and photos we found had the sheepskin rugs, and neither of us were very crazy on that idea. I mentioned a shag rug, so we started looking at homes that used shag.

We both agreed that we liked that look, now the hard part. Trying to find one that was affordable. Not an easy task. Until one day one of my managers at work asked how the house was coming and I mentioned our dilemma. He directed us to Home Depot where him and his wife just purchased one. So off we went and came home with our new rug. I couldn't help but snap a photo or two of Bryant, he was so impressed at how soft it was. I was sure he was going to sleep on it that night. haha


ps...what's one of your favorite buys?