i need some coffey in my life...

Kent Coffey that is!

Bryant and I go thrifting as often as we can, especially since the new home is coming soon. :D We have been looking at a lot of [so] mid century pieces for the bulk of the house. But it seems though lately he has been getting the chance to do a lot more thrifting than me and not to mention finding some AWESOME stuff! He has already surprised me with a couple things: a cute danish modern chair [I'll post pictures of it later because it needs to be reupholstered] and an awesome set of tandem Eames style chairs in robin egg blue! [Once again I'll post pictures as soon as I refinish them]

Well today was another one of those days. I was at work when Bryant texted me about about 2:30: "Look what we just bought...Or maybe I'll make you wait." Every time he finds something, he does this to me. I love it and hate it at the same time. The moment I find out about an unknown treasure I immediately turn into a 6 year old. I beg and beg for him to share what he found and not make me wait. I mean I'm a girl who loves surprises...but I don't want to know there is a surprise coming! He quickly broke down and sent me a photo of this guy:

A KENT COFFEY CREDENZA! I was so excited! I have been ogling over his pieces ever since Bryant showed them to me one night on ebay. So now, even though I knew what the surprise was, I could not wait until 4 o'clock came so I could get off work and go see it in person. As it turns out Bryant had an inside man. His friend Chad works at one of our favorite local antique & more stores here in Lexington called Scout. [If you are local or coming to the area you have to check them out!] Chad called Bryant up when they got the piece, he wasted no time. Thank goodness!

I have already been placing it in all the rooms in my mind trying to figure out where its home will be. I want the 15th to get here already so I can arrange the house! Who knew a little red tag could make a girl so happy? ;D


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