diggin on digsmed...

Designer Alert! So it seems like everyday Bryant and I find another mid century designer that we fall in love with. Mine today is Digsmed Denmark.

Teak is such a beautiful wood, and I would be completely fine if every piece of wood in the house was teak. haha Especially when you see peices like this:

This amazing Digsmed rotating spice rack is soo pretty.
[ps...if anyone wants to get this guy for me you can find it here on etsy. ;p]

Speaking of spice racks, I can't get enough of the Griffith's spice jars & racks. They are just so cute! And since I haven't been able to find a Digsmed rotating spice rack for a better price, one of these Griffith's spice racks might find its way into the kitchen. ;p Oh and i can't tell you how happy I am that we decided to have that 1960s green in the kitchen. Bring on the Jade and Jadite! :D





kitchen crazy...

Yesterday since Bryant and I both had the day off [yay!], we decided to go thrifting at some of our favorite places. Is it just me, or do you have tons of good stuff when you don't have the money to get it? haha We found some really cool stuff and one little guy made it home with us. :)

Oh its just too cute! Bryant or I had never seen a set of tin canisters like this, and I think that's one of the reason why we loved it. Not to mention that it was 25% off. Meant to be? I think so! We got it at Feather Your Nest, which is another favorite place of ours. They always have great stuff. Not to mention this beautiful hutch. I have been looking for a hutch to go on one of the kitchen walls, and this was the first thing we saw when we walked in.

However its too big for the space, which is what we were afraid of. :( But if any of you all are looking for an awesome hutch, well we found it for you! Go get it! Its in great shape and the measurements are 51 1/2" W x 67 1/2" H x 18" D.  


the quality goes in before the name goes on...

And they weren't kidding! That was Zenith's tagline from 1927-2001. I had mentioned before that Bryant and I got a new tv...well, not really new, but new to us. Downstairs, underneath some things, there was an awesome vintage Zenith television set. Not only was it absolutely amazing and fits perfectly with the mid century house, but it works! Bryant and I never really liked the idea of having a tv in the living, but that quickly changed after finding this gem. :D
I love old tube electronics...sooo pretty. :D
 It looks so cute in the living room!



house tour: the [unfinished] basement...

I must say it again...the unfinished basement. Shew...now that that's out of the way, let's continue. :D The previous owners had actually finished the basement, but because of the downpour that came last May, the basement flooded. [Along with just about everyone else's basement here in Lexington.] So everything got ripped out, making it now a [somewhat] clean slate.
The groovy basement steps. Check out that carpet!
To the right of the stairs.
[Insert pool table here.] ;)
The basement kitchen...question mark?
The hallway to the dungeon. [You can see a little piece of the tv.]
The dungeon. aka my sister's room...kidding! :P
The garage.
The awesome workbench in the garage. :D


ps...Tell us what you think!

house tour: the upstairs...

So many of our friends and family who haven't had the chance to see the house [which is almost everyone] has been asking for pictures. Well, as requested here are some photos of the house...in all its [almost] empty glory. The objects in the photos were left by the previous owners. I apologize for the poor quality of photos.
 The front door from the inside...obviously. ;p
 The dining room with Grace [our fabulous realtor] modeling the kitchen.
The dining room looking into the living room from the kitchen.
The kitchen which you have seen before here.
The kitchen again.
The hallway.
The master bedroom is the first room off to the right of the hallway coming out of the kitchen.
The master bedroom.
The master bedroom has the cutest half bath attached to it.
The office. It even came with a chair.
The office again.
The guest bedroom.
The guest bedroom again.
The full bath...that will get redone.
The living room.
The living room again.

Well that concludes our tour of the upstairs. Join us next time when we tour the [unfinished] basement. :D


ps...Do you have an idea for one of the rooms? Tell us!


house tour: the floor plan...

In order to show all you lovely folks the virtual tour of the house, it only made sense [to me anyway] to show you the floor plan first. If you are anything like me, then you don't have a very good sense of direction. When looking at the different rooms of houses on the internet, I always seem to get lost. I assume that hallway is connected to this bedroom and this kitchen is connected to that bathroom...and why a kitchen is connected to a bathroom like that would just confuse me. When in actuality it was the opposite way around, and the house layout made perfect sense. Those house photos always threw me off! Grrr! So for starters, I'll show you the floor plan, then post photos of the house. I don't want anyone getting lost in the new house. :P
The house tour will begin at the "you are here!" dot, but I'm sure you smart people would have figured that one out on your own. Oh...and I should probably mention that this in no way is proportionate to the actual house...I just whipped it up to have a basic floor plan to show you all.



Mid Century Mowing: done

I had started to get a little anxious and almost settled on going to the local hardware store to buy a new mower when a gentleman from craigslist emailed me and said he had an old Lawn Boy for sale that was "rough" but he thought it would run with some work. I met him at the predetermined location where he promptly arrived. We after greeting each other a few minutes of haggling and a handshake I came home with this:

It was "old" and "rough" alright! As most 1960's Lawn Boy self-propelled mowers are. But the engine seemed mechanically sound. I quickly assessed the condition of the mower and headed to a local service station that specializes in lawn mower repair. A few minutes later I was on my way home with a new air filter, spark plug, and some 2 cycle oil [yes it's a 2 stroke :)]

When I got home I tinkered with it while Lucy was brewing some coffee for me. After a new plug, filter, fresh tank of pre-mixed gas, sharpened blade, cleaned carburator and exhaust port...it started on the second pull! Probably would have on the first if I had the throttle set right. The neighbors probably think I'm crazy for mowing with something that looks like such a jalopy. But that won't stop me. This old girl mowed as good...no better than any modern push mower I've ever used.

Here she is resting after a solid hour of work, can't wait for the grass to grow so I can get it out again!

For those of you wondering what's going on with the belt and pulleys this is the deal. The flywheel nut doubles as a pulley which turns a belt that goes over the two pulleys you see in the photo then to a pulley on a jackshaft which contacts the rear wheels. Probably the most simple self-propelled push mower ever made.

Let us know what you think about the lawn!


turn on the boob tube...

So for anyone that knows Bryant or me, neither of us has had cable in awhile. I haven't even had a tv for quite some time. Well that all changed yesterday when poking around in the basement. Bryant and I now have a tv! There was an awesome Zenith TV, and its even in color! I squealed when I plugged it in and turned the knob to hear it come on. I unfortunately couldn't get a good picture of it because there was almost no light, but trust me...she's a beaut! With a little bit of love, she'll be dust and cobweb free and upstairs in the living room.



smells like team spirit...

The original owner's of the house left some pretty cool things. We haven't ventured back up to the attic yet, only because my allergies just will not allow it. But I hope to be back up there sometime this week. Today, while Bryant was working in the yard [like always], I was looking around the basement for finds. Jackpot! Found a few really cool felt pennants! 

I also texted Mom once I took a good look at them. One of them says "LHCS LIONS". I'm from Laurel County, and before there was North Laurel and South Laurel high school and middle school, it was just Laurel County. I was really hoping that Laurel County High School's mascot was a lion, but Mom said she never remembered it being a lion. *sigh*
If you know what county this belongs to write it in the comments!

Ummmm...How cool is the thermostat?! I love the big numbers. :D


ps...Have you ever made any thrifting finds in your home? Tell us!


there ain't nothing dandy about dandelions...

After we moved everything from the apartment to the house on Sunday,  Bryant decided he really wanted to fix the yard. There must have been two pretty large trees that were dug up [and not filled in] in the front yard, one on each side of the sidewalk. So off to Home Depot we went. We got 10 bags of top soil [poor Civic wouldn't hold much more] and a dandelion digger, among other things. When we got home Bryant got straight to work filling those holes, but 10 bags didn't last too long. He made another trip to Home Depot and got another 10 bags of top soil. This continued.

Four trips to Home Depot and 44 bags of top soil later...Bryant finally had the holes filled sprinkled with grass seed and watered.
After Bryant was done with the holes he went on to trim the two big hedges and the 4 smaller bushes in the front. What a difference that made! As you can see in the picture above, they were overgrown and getting out of control. So they definitely needed it. He was so good at it, I half expected to turn around and see something of the works of Eward Scissorhands. haha

While Bryant was working on the the holes, I was trying to remove all of the dandelions from the front yard. And just like the title...there ain't nothing dandy about dandelions! In fact they should change the name to devillions or something just as bad. The name "dandelion" is very deceiving. Definitely not my favorite job, but I will say it felt very rewarding to look back over the yard and not see a single dandelion head poking up. I still have the sides and the back yard of the house left to do, and I'm hoping to have that done this week??


movin on up...

Wow! What a weekend!
Friday: Closing date [with a few snags, but nothing major]. My parents brought a truck load of stuff from their house and Grandmother and Grandfather's with all sorts of goodies.
Saturday: I worked while Bryant pretty much moved all the boxed up stuff from the apartment to the house and arranged furniture. :D
Sunday: Bryant and I moved all the big stuff from the apartment to the house. [Someone should give Bryant an award...because I am not a good mover.] Then did yard work until the street lights came on.
Monday: Bryant worked while I got all the utilities in order [I count internet as a utility...is that weird? haha] and laundry and started to unpack, then we did yard work.

Both of us have some things we want to post, so there will be a lot of updates this week. That is as long as we have time! And just about everyone wants to see inside pictures of the house...well I'll be posting photos and a floor plan as well this week. Of course the photos will be of empty rooms. ;P

But I will leave you with photos from the move on Sunday for now...

Our Driver.
Bryant's "Please stop taking pictures" face.
Yeah. We are sooo healthy. ;P
Fragile...must be Italian.
Our ride.