the quality goes in before the name goes on...

And they weren't kidding! That was Zenith's tagline from 1927-2001. I had mentioned before that Bryant and I got a new tv...well, not really new, but new to us. Downstairs, underneath some things, there was an awesome vintage Zenith television set. Not only was it absolutely amazing and fits perfectly with the mid century house, but it works! Bryant and I never really liked the idea of having a tv in the living, but that quickly changed after finding this gem. :D
I love old tube electronics...sooo pretty. :D
 It looks so cute in the living room!



  1. You have a sofa!!! Your living room looks awesome.. !!

  2. yeah this was the sofa from the apt...we just didn't have it moved in yet when you all came by...and thanks! still needs a little work...but its coming right along!