First off, I feel that I should appologize for slacking off and not blogging. We both have been working more and have had a couple projects we have been working on. But that just means more blog post in the near furture. ;P

Now on to the blog...

The apartment we had was not in a bad neighborhood, however the people living in the apartments and surround apartments were a bit shady. Bloody fights in the hallway at  3:30 am...people having big mean dogs that they couldn't even control...the only security the apartment building offered being broken...the list goes on. On my last venture to the apartment, I felt it neccesary to snap these quick pictures.

The doors coming into the building has a "security" lock. Can you guess the code? 
*I'll give you a hint...its only one number, four times in a row. Take that Da Vinci!

My favorite part of this passive aggressive note is the "until/if" part. haha

Ooooh soooo glad to be out of that place! [More blogs to come...promise!]


Sooo...the apartment we just moved from, someone was shot there two nights ago. Wow. So glad to be out of there!

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