there ain't nothing dandy about dandelions...

After we moved everything from the apartment to the house on Sunday,  Bryant decided he really wanted to fix the yard. There must have been two pretty large trees that were dug up [and not filled in] in the front yard, one on each side of the sidewalk. So off to Home Depot we went. We got 10 bags of top soil [poor Civic wouldn't hold much more] and a dandelion digger, among other things. When we got home Bryant got straight to work filling those holes, but 10 bags didn't last too long. He made another trip to Home Depot and got another 10 bags of top soil. This continued.

Four trips to Home Depot and 44 bags of top soil later...Bryant finally had the holes filled sprinkled with grass seed and watered.
After Bryant was done with the holes he went on to trim the two big hedges and the 4 smaller bushes in the front. What a difference that made! As you can see in the picture above, they were overgrown and getting out of control. So they definitely needed it. He was so good at it, I half expected to turn around and see something of the works of Eward Scissorhands. haha

While Bryant was working on the the holes, I was trying to remove all of the dandelions from the front yard. And just like the title...there ain't nothing dandy about dandelions! In fact they should change the name to devillions or something just as bad. The name "dandelion" is very deceiving. Definitely not my favorite job, but I will say it felt very rewarding to look back over the yard and not see a single dandelion head poking up. I still have the sides and the back yard of the house left to do, and I'm hoping to have that done this week??


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  1. Well honey if you wanted a dinosaur in front of the house you should have let me known! And yes everyone, we need to mow the lawn. We're still looking for a good push mower.