summer goals...

Bryant and I just came up with "his & hers" list of goals that we want to accomplish this summer. The idea came from Danielle from Sometimes Sweet. I am very forgetful so having lists really help me stay on track. There is just something about striking a line right down the center of a task you have had on your mind. There are a lot more things on my summer to do list that involve the house though.

Here's my list: :-)
1. Making a movie. Some of you know that Bryant moved out to Colorado for about 3 months, and after many long nights on the phone and trying to figure what we were wanting out of this relationship and life, Bryant decided he wanted to move back to Kentucky. I really wanted to visit him out there, so I drove out, pick him up, load up the car, and brought him back. Only we decided to take a different route back...Route 66. :-) And part of my Christmas present from Bryant were an awesome 8mm and Super 8 video camera! So we filmed my stay in Colorado and the trip back. I want to make a movie out of that footage and the photos we took along the way.
2. Cook more. Since the divorce I pretty much stopped cooking. I think mainly because I was by myself and didn't really know how to cook for one, and it really didn't help moving into a crappy apartment with a little kitchen.
3. Get my pin-up tattoo. [Sorry Mom] This tattoo is one I have been thinking on for a few years but never had the chance to get it. It also has a lot of meaning to me and this is a great time in my life to get it.
4. Remodel the kitchen. This one is a huge one and will directly impact #2. haha The kitchen in the new house needs and update and if I have a kitchen I love then why wouldn't I want to cook?!
5. Restore my old bike. Yes, Rebecca, you read correctly. I bought an old rusted bike that I fell in love with, with the plan to restore it last summer, but because my life got shaken up completely, well, the plan changed. I had this rusted bike I loved and it sat in my sister's backyard until just a couple weeks ago. She will be getting a new chance at life this year!
6. Craft more. I've started sewing again when I have time. [Although I have been working on a shirt for Bryant for well over a month now. Oops!] But I have met so many crafty ladies and a few guys who want to start some projects and help each other along. We keep talking about it but not actually doing it. So I'm going to hold myself responsible for starting that.
7. Photography. Since I work for a photography studio, I do photograph a lot, but I want to start looking at photography as a fine art again rather than just portraits and weddings. Don't get me wrong, I love my job and nothing makes me happier than capturing those amazing moments that people want to remember for the rest of their lives, but I want to photograph for me.
8. Get a "Before & After" on Design*Sponge. They are one of my favorite blogs, and we have so many projects we want to get done. I want at least one on D*S! I also want to develop the blog and really help it find its voice in the massive blog world.
9. Meet the new neighbors and explore the new area. I am so so soooo excited about this one! Every time I go to the house, I always want to meet somebody. I always get a little jealous if Bryant goes to do something and gets to meet someone without me. haha
10. Date nights. I'm also really excited about this one. :-) Bryant and I have been trying really hard to save money. We do date nights now every once and awhile, but we need to get out more. Not to mention we miss our friends! haha


What's on your list this summer?


  1. Yes, I've been seeing these lists popping up around the web, and I really need to make my own! Thanks for the inspo. :)

  2. Added rust from being outside in the weather for 6 months....I'll believe it when I see it <3

  3. On MY summer list:

    -Learn to reupholster with Lulu !!!