i saw jimmy...he was pickin fl'rs...

If you have seen the movie "The Secret of Roan Inish" then that line probably sounds familar. I'm talkin to you Chesnut family! :D 

Anyway...so Grandmother and Grandfather just moved up from London to Lexington in the beginning of May, and I know everyone in the family agrees with me in saying that I am so excited about it! Their new house had 3 lonely flower boxes in the front, Rebecca and I decided they needed some love. So one afternoon before Grandmother and Grandfather moved up, Rebecca, Bryant, and I did a little gardening.

 This little guy helped me. :p
 Bryant was the only one who could reach the middle flower box. 
[which was also the biggest flower box too. haha]
Rebecca hard at work.
Makin it rain.

 Even though the whole day was very fun, the best moment of the day was probably this:
When looking for the proper tool, Bryant couldn't think of what it was called. So he just acted it out! haha Rebecca and I definitely got a good laugh, and of course I made him take a picture like that with the tool he needeed in his other hand.



  1. for a second i thought you were "makin it rain" in heels! haha! then i realized you were on your tip toes

  2. ha! i mean i love my heals...but not for yard work...haha