fancy a shag [rug]...

Bryant and I both seemed to gravitate towards finishing the living room first. It wasn't something we actually talked about, it just kind of...happened. I guess it was because the housewarming party was coming up and we knew that would be on of the main hot spots. So we had the layout for the furniture picked out and had everything in place, but something was missing. We needed a rug. In so many mid century homes [or homes trying to recreate the retro feel] and photos we found had the sheepskin rugs, and neither of us were very crazy on that idea. I mentioned a shag rug, so we started looking at homes that used shag.

We both agreed that we liked that look, now the hard part. Trying to find one that was affordable. Not an easy task. Until one day one of my managers at work asked how the house was coming and I mentioned our dilemma. He directed us to Home Depot where him and his wife just purchased one. So off we went and came home with our new rug. I couldn't help but snap a photo or two of Bryant, he was so impressed at how soft it was. I was sure he was going to sleep on it that night. haha


ps...what's one of your favorite buys?

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