let the celebration begin...

Yesterday was Bryant's 28th birthday. So our day went a little something like this...

  I got up early to make stuffed french toast with fresh off the vine strawberries before Bryant went to work. [Thanks to Bryant's mom and aunt!]
And how adorable is this little guy! I couldn't bare to eat him.
This is what Bryant saw when he came into the living room. The beginnings of a bar for the living room with a print hanging above it reading "a couple that drinks together, stays together."
Bryant has wanted some nice bourbon glasses for awhile, so I got these and a vintage decanter and had them engraved. The glasses say "His" and "Hers" and the decanter says "Ours". And of course I had to get a nice bottle of bourbon to fill the decanter. ;p
The bunting was actually Bryant's birthday card! Each of the flags had a little something written on the inside for him to read.
He was so cute when reading his card. :D
After he got his presents, we got ready and went out to eat at Onizim's as Bryant requested.
I think he had a good time...I know I did. :D


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