us vs. grout...

Like I mentioned before, Bryant and I decided to do what little work needed to be done in the half bath. We quickly learned that everything is not how it seems. haha I really wanted to clean the grout because it was looking really dingy and even black in some areas. Ew! So we got some grout cleaner and I got to scrubbin. However, after awhile of scrubbing with absolutely no results, I started getting really frustrated. So Bryant swooped in and scrubbed for awhile. But no dice. Bryant started to get frustrated as well, all that elbow grease for nothing!

He decided he would scrape up a little piece of grout to see how far down the grout was dirty. And what does he find? They used grey colored grout on the bathroom floor. No wonder we weren't getting anywhere! It was a relief and a pain all at the same time. [Physical pain for Bryant...he got sick because of the cleaners. :( ] We are trying to decide between regrouting the floor tile, but can't make a decision. Suggestions?

I believe this was our second or third batch of cleaner.

Bryant did try scrubbing the grout on the walls in the bathroom, and thank goodness they were done with white grout! They look great now!


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  1. According to HGTV, regrouting is next to impossible. They recommend leaving it as is or installing all new tile. :( You might ask someone at your favorite vew store tho (home depot..lol) maybe they can help. :)