Toys in the attic

As you may remember, after a dusty trip to the attic we came back down sneezing but not empty handed. This is the Dinky Toys model #113 an M.G.B. "sports car" that I found in a cobweb filled box. I was pretty excited to find the car which was burried a bit deeper than its original packaging. Unfortunately it is missing it's little plastic driver and the windscreen. This model was sold from 1962-69 so it's almost as old as the house! One of the neatest things about this car for me is the history of Dinky Toys. A British company that was a precursor for American companies like Hot Wheels and Matchbox who's toys consumed a great deal of my childhood along with Micro Machines. But most importantly I can't help but wonder where the little boy who was playing with this is now and what happened to the little plastic driver.

Do any of you have any interesting toys from your childhood?


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